Mini Cake and Coffee Rings with Mod Podge

mini food dollhouse rings cake coffee mod podge

We are smitten with these sweet rings made with our Metal Ring Blanks and dollhouse treats.

They are beyond easy to make…. all you need is a little glue!

Video Tutorial!

bean ring drying rack

An easy-peasy drying rack can be crafted with dried beans.

ring backs mod podge ring blanks mini food rings mini plate of cakes rings mod podge mini food dollhouse rings cake coffee mod podge mini coffee ring mod podge ring blanks

Christmas Craft: Holiday Village House

Craft up a holiday village house with just a little paint, paper, Mod Podge and glitter.  This house is actually a box (the roof lifts off) and would be perfect for tucking a little gift inside.  You can find the little boxes at most craft and fabric shops.
This was designed for Plaid and you can find the instructions here: Holiday Village House.