Learn more about the Mod Podge Gems Mold

mod podge gem mod molds You can now make your own gems with our new gems mold for Mod Podge.  The molds work perfectly with our melt sticks.  They also can be used with a variety of other crafting materials…..Resin, polymer clay, utee, wax, chocolate all work really well in them.

Featured Designs
1 pearl border
1 single pearl
1 large diamond
1 small emerald
1 large emerald
1 medium teardrop
1 large oval
1 small circle
1 large circle


Learn how to make the necklace in this video!


Here we painted the melts with Neon paint and used them as embellishments for this mini scrapbook.

IMG_9241A work in progress.


DIY Father’s Day Gift Bag with Mod Melt Letters and Mod Podge

mod melt letters alphabet father's day gift bag diy craft Make your own Father’s Day gift bag with Mod Podge and Mod Melt Letters.

If you haven’t tried Mod Melts you can check out this video for all the 411.


Mod Melt Alphabet Mold

IMG_5413 IMG_5414

Video Tutorial on working Mod Melts and Molds.


To make the bag:

Trim scrapbook paper to fit the front of a gift bag.

Apply Mod Podge Gloss or Matte to the back of the paper and position onto the bag.

Press with your fingers to remove any air bubbles.

Using a punch or scissors, cut a mustache and bow tie from contrasting paper.

Apply with Mod Podge.

Top-coat the entire top of the bag with a layer of Mod Podge.  Allow to dry 1 hour.

Make Mod Melt letters using a mini high-temp glue gun, Mod Melt Sticks in Milk Glass and the Alphabet Mold.

If you haven’t tried Mod Melts you can check out this video for all the 411.

Glue the letters to the bag with tacky glue or hot glue.

Happy Father’s Day!


New Molds For Mod Melts are Coming Soon!

sea shell resin mold mod podge beach bride

We are so excited!

You asked for more Mod Melt Molds and we made them!

Coming This June to Retail!

mod podge molds melts decoden embellishments

New Molds!

Large Alphabet

Large Decoden Trinkets


Birthday Celebrations

Sea Shells

Gems and Pearls

Textures and Patterns


Mystical Forrest

Industrial Gears and Keys


mason jar crafts mod podge

The flags are from the Celebration Mold – you can add stickers to them or paint them in color you desire.

Learn More about Mod Melts and Molds in this Video!

mod podge melts molds art canvas

This collage canvas was embellished with melts from the gem, flowers and decoden molds.

mod melts podge sea shell mold

Here are some of the sea shell melts.

mod podge collage clay melts molds birthday girl frame

Here are some melts from the celebration and flower mold.

mod podge collage clay cell phone case decoden

The cupcakes are from the celebration mold.

sunglasses The giant gem is from the gems and pearls mold.

cupcake pendant

The cupcake is from the celebrations mold.  Great for fun jewelry.

mod podge pennant thank you card banner

The flags are from the celebration mold and they can be painted and customized with stickers.

mod melt birthday card cake embellishemnt

They are great for making cards

journal mod podge

Fun for journals and photo albums too!

mod podge rocks mod melts molds

More pictures to come and step-by-step tutorials too!


Cathie and Steve

The Mod Melter! Our new Craft Tool for Hot Melt and Hot Glue

mod melter plaid podge hot glue gun high temp wand

We are beyond thrilled to introduce to you to our new tool for hot melt and hot glue…. The Mod Melter.  We designed this with seasoned and novice craft in mind and it revolutionizes the way you fill your Mod Molds and use hot glue on DIY projects.  No more holding like gun where you can see into the nooks and details of a project or Mod Mold.  The Mod Melter is held vertical like a pastry bag.  We thought of all the whistles and bells for ease and safety.  The Mod Melter works with Mod Podge Melts and Molds… PLUS you can use any high-temp mini glue stick in the tool.

Available at Retail ~ Summer 2014!


Nominated For Top 20 Hot New Products at CHA 2014!

cha top 20 2014 mod melter plaid

Learn More in this 1 minute Video!



Have a closer look!

The mod melter silicone grip

We designed the Mod Melter with a textured silicone grip.

mod melter hot glue gun wand podge plaid The Mod Melter has an easy to use trigger.

Mod Melter Silicone tip hot glue wand

We covered the tip with a heat-resistant silicone cover.

mod podge hot glue melt gun melter

We added a roll-proof stand that is built in!  No more wire kick-stand.

High temp hot glue gun plaid mod melter

We added an on/off switch with an indicator light so you don’t have to always “un-plug” your tool.

The mod melter hot glue gun plaid

We made the cord 6 feet long!

hot glue gun wand high temp

The Mod Melter works with Mod Podge Melts and Molds… PLUS you can use any high-temp mini glue stick in the tool.

mod melter plaid podge hot glue gun high temp wand

Thanks for stopping by and learning more about the Mod Melter.

Available at retail Summer 2014.

Manufactured by Plaid Enterprises.


Cathie and Steve