make it: Orange and Clove Candle Holders

Orange & Clove Candle Holders

Nothing smells better than oranges and gloves.  The candle warms up any space and the orange and clove give off a delicate spicy scent.

thick-skinned oranges or grapefruits
paring knife
mellon baller
metal tea light

1. Cut a hole in the fruit that’s slightly larger than the diameter of the tea light. Use a knife to gently trace and carve out the area where the tea light will sit.
2. Use the melon baller to remove bits of fruit and create a well for the candle to sit.
2. Place a tea light in the well and press cloves into the skin to release the aromatic oils of the fruit and spice. If the fruit is thick-skinned, use a toothpick or a bamboo skewer to make the initial opening before inserting cloves.