Make it: Mad Scientist Jars

1 specimen jars halloween
Mad Scientist Jars

Old glass jars
Black spray paint
Wax metallic finishes
Rubber or plastic toys, stuffed animals, knick knacks, etc.
Food coloring
Measuring cup
Stir stick
Ink pad
Twine or string


1. Wash the jars and lids thoroughly. Spray paint the lids and, once dry, apply wax metallic finishes to them for an aged look.

2. Fill a measuring cup with water. Add a drop of food coloring and stir. Add more food coloring or more water to get the intensity of color that you want. Place a toy or knick-knack into the jar and fill the jar with water. Screw the lid on tightly.

3. Using the tags, write out a label for each jar. To antique the tags, gently pat or rub them on an ink pad. Tie the labels onto the jars with twine.

101 Tees: Skull and Crossbones Pillow recrafted from an old Tee!

101 Tees: Skull and Crossbones Pillow

This seasonal slip cover can be whipped up in under 1-hour! Perfect for adding a little haunted decoration to your living room for Halloween or any day.
Begin with an old Halloween or skull themed T-shirt.

Choose a pillow to make a slipcover for. Remember you can remove the cover after Halloween.

Make sure the pillow measures smaller than your tee.

Cut up the side seams of the tee.
Now you have two pieces of tee fabric. 1= front 2=back

Place the front and back on top of each other. Use a fabric marking pen and a ruler to mark a square shape.

Make sure the square is slightly larger than your pillow.

Cut out the square shapes.

Pin lace trim around the outer edge. You can use flat or ruffled trim.

Pin the front and back together with right sides facing right sides.

Let’s Stitch!

Stitch around the edge. Remember to leave an opening for turning and stuffing.

Clip the corners to remove excess bulk.

Turn right side out and stuff the pillow inside.

Hand sew the opening closed and place on your sofa.

How easy is that???

Happy Halloween,

Halloween Witch Crafts: Glow in The Dark Haunted Candy Bowl

Haunted Hand Candy Bowl
This haunted hand candy bowl is a cinch to make! The base for the hand is just a rubber kitchen glove. Give this project a glowing look with glow in the dark Mod Podge. This Mod Podge project was designed for Plaid. Pop by my page at Plaid to see this project and tons more ideas!!!
What you will need:

FolkArt Fabric™ Paint – Brush On – Fawn
Mod Podge Glow-in-the-Dark
Rubber kitchen glove
Pillow stuffing
2 yards cheesecloth
Foam paintbrush
Paintbrush – soft bristles

1. Firmly stuff the rubber glove with pillow stuffing. Tie the opening closed with a piece of string.

2. Cut the cheesecloth into strips about 2” wide.

3. Wrap the strips around the glove and fingers, overlapping and crisscrossing as you go. Using a foam paintbrush apply two coats of Mod Podge all over the glove. Add more cheesecloth & Mod Podge to fill in any empty spots. Allow to dry.

4. Working with a dry soft bristled paint brush, lightly apply Fawn over the entire glove. You can add depth by adding more paint in between the fingers. Allow to dry.

5. Top coat the glove with a third coat of Mod Podge and allow to dry.

Mod Podge Halloween Silver Party Tray & Napkin Rings

Halloween Party Tray

Re-Vamped Party Tray

This little cutie is perfect for serving up some macabre treats! I used a thrift store sliver plated tray as the base. I picked the tray up for $7.99 and used some scrap velvet trim for the edging. This Mod Podge project was designed for Plaid. Pop by my page at Plaid to see this project and tons more ideas!!!

Mod Podge – Gloss
Thrift shop silver tray
Scrap paper
Halloween decorative paper
Foam paintbrush
Hot Glue
Decorative velvet ribbon

1. Create a pattern by tracing the shape of the inside of the tray onto scrap paper. Use the pattern as a guide to cut out the shape from Halloween themed paper. You might need to piece the paper together depending on the size of the tray.

2. Coat both sides of the Halloween paper with Mod Podge, position on the base of the tray and top coat with more Mod Podge. Use your fingers to press out any air bubbles. Smooth your brush strokes. Allow to dry.

3. Hot glue velvet trim around the inside edge of the tray.

Damask Napkin Rings



Mod Podge Gloss
Wood napkin rings
Decorative paper
Velvet trim
Hot glue gun and glue

1. Trim the paper into a strip that fits around the napkin ring.

2. Coat both sides of the strip with Mod Podge, position around the napkin ring and top coat with more Mod Podge. Use your fingers to press out any air bubbles. Smooth your brush strokes. Allow to dry.

3. Hot glue velvet trim around each edge of the napkin ring.

Handmade Paper Mache Candy Bowl for Halloween

cathie filian steve piacenza candy bowl

Paper Mache Candy Bowl w/ Mod Podge

What’s Halloween without the candy? Keep this crafty bowl filled and the little monsters will come running!

Paper grocery bags or kraft paper
Large glass bowl
Aluminum foil
Small bowl
Mod Podge
Stir stick
FolkArt paint – red and black
Black craft foam
Tombstone and tree templates
Light transfer paper
Blue painter’s tape
Craft knife
Foam glue
Small black pompom
Black embroidery floss
Sewing needle
White thread
Small bird figurine
Black craft paint
Bamboo skewer (optional)

1. Turn the bowl that will serve as the mold upside down and cover the outside with aluminum foil. Fold excess foil into the interior of the bowl.

2. Tear the bags or kraft paper into roughly 2” to 3” pieces.

3. Mix four parts Mod Podge with one part water in a mixing bowl. Dip each paper piece in the solution and place on the outside of the foil-covered bowl, overlapping the paper to cover the bowl. Work with the bowl inverted over a can so that it is easy to spin. Continue adding paper until 3-4 layers of paper cover the outside of the bowl.

4. Allow the bowl to dry for 24 hours.

5. When the paper bowl is dry, gently peel the foil off the inside of the glass bowl, releasing the bowl from the paper shell. Gently peel foil from the paper shell.

6.Paint the paper bowl. We used black on the outside and red paint on the inside. Allow the paint to dry.

7. With a craft knife, cut a spooky tree and three tombstone shapes from black craft foam. If using templates, transfer the images onto the craft foam with light colored transfer paper, holding the paper in position with blue painter’s tape. Glue these shapes to the outside of the bowl with foam glue. Use clothespins to hold the foam pieces in place while the glue dries for 24 hours.

8. Create a spider by threading black embroidery floss through a small black pompom. Secure the embroidery floss “legs” by coating them with glue. String the spider on a piece of white thread and attach to the tree.

9. Paint a small bird figurine black with craft paint and glue it to the tree. If the tree begins to droop, brace it with a bamboo skewer that has been painted black and glued both to the back of the tree and the top of the bowl.

Click to download templates!

DIY Poison Wine Bottles and Halloween Favors

Poison Wine Bottles

Pour yourself a cup of poison wine with this handcrafted bottle of vino. This Mod Podge project was designed for Plaid. Pop by my page at Plaid to see this project and tons more ideas!!!

Materials Needed:
FolkArt – Artists Pigments – Pure Black, 2 oz.
Mod Podge – Gloss, 8 oz.
Wine bottle
Halloween papers
Foam paintbrush
Fake spider webs
Wood tag
Fake spider
Hot glue and glue gun

1. Cut a piece of Halloween paper to fit around a wine bottle. Coat both sides of the Halloween words with Mod Podge, position around the wine bottle and top coat with more Mod Podge. Use your fingers to press out any air bubbles. Smooth your brush strokes. Allow to dry.

2. Cut a piece of Halloween paper to fit a wood tag. Apply with Mod Podge in the same fashion as step one. Dry brush black paint around the edge of the tag. Once dry, hot glue rhinestones to the tag.

3. Add webs to the neck of the wine bottles. Add wraps of raffia around the neck of the bottle. Tie the tag to the bottle. Hot glue a spider to the tag.

Happy Halloween~

New Year’s Eve Crafts! Recycled Record Album Clock, Glam Party Glasses and Altered Party Hats

Countdown Clock, Party Crowns & Tagged Glasses
Adorn plastic party glasses with a bit of feather trim and a few ribbons, add a festive tag and some wired stars and your guests will be ready to party. Tip: Use low temp hot glue to attach the glasses to the base.Count Down in style with a recycled record album clock. I added guitar picks for numbers a few sticky back rhinestones and some lime green letter stickers to spell “Happy New Year”. You can pick up the clock
parts at any local craft store.

Embellish simple party hats with bits of tinsil, feathers and butterflies. Don’t forget to add glitter!

make it: Captured Holiday Fairies

captured faries craft

Capture the spirit of the holidays by creating a captured fairy vignette in a recycled jar.


2159 – FolkArt ® Gems™ – Ruby, 2 oz.
4455 – FolkArt ® Fabric™ Paint – Dimensional – Glitter Night Star
493 – FolkArt ® Metallics – Bright Red, 2 oz.
654 – FolkArt ® Metallics – Amethyst, 2 oz.
661 – FolkArt ® Metallics – Sequin Black, 2 oz.
CS11275 – Mod Podge ® Glitter – Hologram Gold, 8 oz.
3 Recycled glass jars
Spray metal primer
Scrapbook paper
3 holiday clip art images (Santa; children; angels)
Scrap cardboard
Glue stick
Wings (feathers; silk butterflies; tulle; scrapbooking embellishment)
Hot Glue
Additional embellishments (pipe cleaners; printed words; stickers)
Flat nosed Pliers
Fluff for the bottom of the jar (pillow stuffing; boa scrap; faux moss)
Scrap ribbons or trim


1. Wash and dry the jars. Spray the lids with metal spray primer and allow to dry. Coat each lid with a different color of FolkArt Metallic paint (black, red, amethyst). Apply additional coats of paint until you are happy with the coverage.

2. Cut a piece of scrapbook paper to fit inside the back of the jar. Place the paper in the jar.

3. Mount your images to a scrap of cardboard using a glue stick for stability. Once dry, cut around the images, leaving a 1/2 tab at the bottom for folding and gluing.

4. Glitter the image, coat the image with a thin layer of Mod Podge Hologram Gold Glitter or FolkArt Gems and allow to dry. For dimensional highlights, add FolkArt dimensional paint in glitter colors to highlight areas of interest. For these designs, we used Mod Podge over the yellow fairy, FolkArt gems over the Santa Claus and FolkArt dimensional paint on the New Years Eve fairy.

5. Add wings by hot gluing feathers, wings, butterflies, cut paper or tulle to the back of the cardboard cutouts.

6. Add additional embellishments like: pipe cleaners, stickers, printed words, rhinestones, etc.

7. Fold the tab on the bottom of the cutout. Add hot glue to the bottom of the tab, carefully place the cutout in the jar and glue to the center bottom of the jar. Use needle nosed plies to help hold the cutout into position.

8. Add the fluff around the bottom of the jar. (the fluff will hide any glue marks)

9. Hot glue a decorative ribbon around the top if the jar.

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Happy Holidays!
Cathie and Steve