Video: How to Make a Cheesecloth Ghost with Stiffy!

cheesecloth ghost stiffy mod podge

Create a spooky ghost with Plaid’s Stiffy.

They are are so easy to make and kids like to make them too!


What you need:
Stiffy ® Fabric Stiffener, 16 oz.
Tin foil
Wax paper
Chip can
Plastic ball
Craft bowl
1 yard Cheesecloth


1. Tear off a section of tin foil that is 15” long. Roll it into a tube shape. Wrap the tube shape with wax paper. Fold the tube in half and place inside the chip can fold the ends of the tube so they look like stretched arms. Place the ball on top of the chip can and arms.

2. Cut the cheesecloth into 3 different pieces. (1 large, 1 med and 1 small)

3. Cover your work surface with a protective cover. Place the large piece of cheesecloth in the bowl, saturate with Stiffy. Place the large piece over the chip can mold. Gather the bottom to look spooky. Repeat with the medium size cloth and then with the small cloth. Adjust as necessary.

4. Allow to dry (about 6 hours) and remove the chip can mold.

Tip: Create hanging ghosts by threading fishing line through the top and hang from trees or the ceiling.

DIY Video: Fall Centerpiece Made with a Mod Podge Fabric Stiffened Bowl.

Whip up this easy to make bowl with a place-mat and Mod Podge Stiffy. Load it with pine-cones or fall spheres. This project was designed for Plaid.  For more crafty ideas… check out all of our Plaid projects here and visit our “All About Cathie and Steve” board at Pinterest.

Lean how to make the bowl in this video.

What you will need:
Large craft bowl
Tin foil
Woven fiber place-mat (round)
Medium craft bowl
Stiffy Fabric Stiffener
Hot Glue Gun Helpers
Hot Glue
Fall floral picks
Fall leaf trim

1. Cover the outside of the large craft bowl with tin foil and place on a protected work surface. Cover your surface with a plastic drop cloth if needed.

2. Soak the placemat in Stiffy. Gently wring additional Stiffy from the placemat. Turn the foil covered bowl upside down and place the placemat over the bowl. Center so the edges are even. Allow to dry over night. Once dry, pull off the bowl and remove any tin foil that may have stuck to the bowl.

3. Using hot glue and Hot Glue Gun Helpers, glue trim around the bowl and floral picks to the edge.

Halloween DIY Cheesecloth Ghosts

stiffy ghost
Make it: Tabletop Ghosts

This spooky cutie was made with cheesecloth and Stiffy.  Frighten your table guest with mini macabre ghosts. Add a little glitter for extra sparkle!

Three yards cheesecloth
“Stiffy” fabric stiffener- by Plaid
White, iridescent ultra-fine glitter
Cylinder chip can
3” styrofoam ball
Cookie sheet
Aluminum foil

1. Place the styrofoam ball on top of the chip canister. Place on a cookie sheet and cover the can and ball with foil. Extend the foil to make a base for the ghost.

2. Cut the cheesecloth into 6 pieces. Pour the “Stiffy” into a bowl and add glitter. Soak each of the sheets of cheesecloth. Lightly wring each sheet and drape over the chip can and ball, covering all of the foil. Pool the cheesecloth at the base of the ghost.

3. Set the ghost aside to dry for 24 hours. Carefully remove the foil covered chip can and ball.