DIY Fall Leaf Table Runner and Candle Sticks

fall candleholders and table runner Adorned Candle Sticks & Velvet leaf Runner

To create the runner, cut a strip of brown felt slightly longer than the length of your table and 15” wide. Hot glue velvet leaves all over the runner in a random pattern.

Jazz up candle holders by tying bundles of faux pumpkins and flowers around the center of the candle holder. Look for velvet leavers and mini pumpkins at your local craft store.

Paint a Modern Table Runner with Blue Painter’s Tape

table runner Rustic Pumpkin Centerpiece & Modern Table Runner

On the table runner the simple and modern shapes were created with low tack painter’s tape and FolkArt fabric paint. By combining the metallic bronze and chocolate brown this project is perfect for fall holidays.

Table Runner Materials
FolkArt Fabric Paint – 4429 Metallic Solid Bronze
Store bought cotton or linen table runner
Scotch painter’s tape corners – 2 rolls
Foam paintbrush
Wax paper
Iron and board

1. Iron the table runner to remove any wrinkles. Choose a work surface where the runner can sit for the duration of the project. Place the runner with a sheet of wax paper under it on the work surface.

2. Adhere the corner tape pieces to the runner in your desired position. (We made this design in blocks of 4 corners.) Press down on each piece of tape to ensure the edges are firmly against the fabric. If needed, use a ruler to help you center the pieces.

3. Pour a small amount of paint onto a plastic plate or palette, dab the brush into the paint and tap off the excess. You will want a semi-dry brush for this project. For best results, paint in an “up and down” fashion rather then side to side. Paint the entire runner.

4. All the paint to dry and allow to air dry for 24 hours. Heat set with a dry iron and a pressing cloth. Handwash only after 72 hours.

Make it: 4th of July Napkins and Cookie Cutter Napkin Rings



Make It: Easter Nest Place Card Holder

Make It: Easter Nest Place Card Holder

FolkArt Metallic – Rose
Mod Podge Gloss
FolkArt Extreme Glitter – Glitter Hologram
FolkArt Extreme Glitter – Hologram Gold
Spray primer
Plastic Easter egg
Foam paintbrushes
Paper printout of name
Silk flower petals pink large and small
Silk flower petals yellow
Crocheted flower trim
Easter grass – natural
Hot Glue

1. Spray prime the egg and allow to dry. Paint the egg with 2 coats of rose paint. Paint the egg with 2 coats of extreme glitter hologram. Allow for dry time in between coats.

2. Tear around the edge of the paper printed name. Apply a coat of Mod Podge to the back of the name, smooth onto the egg and top coat with Mod Podge. Press the paper name with your fingers to smooth any air bubbles.

3. Hot glue the egg in the center of a gathered pile of Easter grass.

4. Paint the large pink petals with extreme glitter gold. Allow to dry. Using hot glue, layer the petals, flower trim and rhinestones around the egg.

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Simple Place Setting

simple table setting
Over the past few weeks, I’ve had several folks email me about proper table setting and what to do about holiday entertaining, if you don’t have a full set of china. Over the next few days, I’ll post the “ins and outs” of table setting etiquette, tips & tricks, and ideas for those who are just starting out and only have the basic pieces.

Here is a simple place setting using just a plate, flatware and 1 wine glass.

Flatware: Forks are placed on the left hand side of the plate, while knives and spoons are on the right. The cutlery to be used first is placed on the far left and right (salad fork or small spoon. The blade of the knife should always place towards the plate.

Napkin: The napkin should be placed on the left of the plate, under the forks or in the center of the plate.

Glass: The wine glass should be placed on the right side, just above the plate.