Sew This: T-shirt Applique Apron!

 Sew This: T-shirt Applique Apron!
I needed a crafty uniform for an event we did last month so I decided to whip up an apron using my Mod Podge t-shirt and some fabrics.  BTW – the uniform was my idea….sometimes I get sick of packing new outfits. I traced an apron that I had for the pattern and got busy stitching!  I used lots of pom-pom trim and rickrac trim.  I think this concept would be pretty cute with old rock and roll tees or sports tees.

Instructions after the jump…..

 First, I placed my fabric on the fold.  I placed my apron on top of the folded fabric and traced around the apron with a chalk tracing wheel.

 Be sure to add seam allowance when tracing.
 Cut out along the chalked lines.
 Repeat for the lining.

 Next I added a strip of webbing that I embellished with rickrac trim to the center front to work as a neck strap. Working right-sides to right-sides, pin the apron fabric to the lining fabric around the outer edge.  Sew around the edge.  Be sure to leave a 7″ opening in the seam for turning.

Next, I cut out the graphic from my Mod Podge t-shirt.  I folded over the edge and attached to teh front with pins.

 SEWING TIP!!!  If you are having trouble sewing over sticky iron-on graphics, silk screened images or transfers, place a strip of tissue paper over the image.  The presser foot will glide smoothly and your stitches won’t get stuck.

 Next I added some trim around the applique.
 The finished upper section.

 Next, I hemmed some webbing to be the side ties.  I made mine extra long because I like to tie in the front.

 I pinned them to the sides of the apron and stitched them in place.
 I stitched some pom-pom trim to the apron.
 Next, I drafted a pocket shape.
 I sewed a lining to the pocket.

 I stitched the pocket to the apron and added some rick-rac trim around the edges.

I added more trim to the hem!

101 Tees: Naughty or Nice Christmas Tees

Naughty or nice?

Are you a holiday vixen or a good little elf? Either way I have your covered. Whip up a “Naughty or Nice” Christmas tee with a few simple supplies.

Both designs are hand stitched and easy for beginners.  You can complete each one in about 1-hour!

Oh La La – i heart velvet buttons!

To make the naughty design begin with a long sleeve red T-shirt.  Cut way the neckline in a sweeping fashion to create an almost off the shoulder look.  Hand sew a strip of marabou feathers across the neckline. (This is a novelty design and not suited for machine washing.)  Stitch two velvet covered buttons to the top center of the tee.

 Pink Thread POPS!

Marabou not your speed? Try this buttoned up holiday design. Hand sew ten green buttons the form of a tree to the front of a red thermal. Add a larger black button to serve as the trunk. I like to use contrasting thread for extra pop!

101 Tees: Whip up a Festive Wreath with old Tees!

This little holiday cutie was made with recycled tees!  In celebration of my next book (101 Tees – Lark Books – 08/2011) I am doing a years worth projects with T-shirts.  You can find previous ideas here.
Materials Needed:
Green T-shirts to recycle. (I used 4 tees)
Pinking sheers or Rotary Cutter
Wire Wreath Form
Hot Glue
Ribbon Bow
T-Shirts to cut.  I like to use different shades of green tees.
14″ Wire Wreath Form.
Rotary Cutter!  This one embosses too!!!  SEE My Tutorial HERE – very soon!!!
Let’s Do This!

Step 1. Cut the tees into strips of fabric that are 1.5″ wide and 6″ long.  Discard printed pieces and save for another project.

Step 2. Grab one of the strips.
Step 3. Fold it into a “U” shape.
Step 4. Place the “U” through one of the wires on the wreath.
Step 5. Bring the tails through the “U”.
Step 6. Pull the tails.
Step 7. Continue until the entire wreath is filled in.
Step 8. Place the wreath on a protected work surface.
(hot glue will drip down)
Step 9. Spread the ties in different directions.
Step 10. Hot glue Ornament Balls in the spaces.
 Step 11. Keep hot gluing ornaments.
Step 12.  Tie a bow to one side.
That is it!
Happy Holidays,