8 DIY Projects to try this weekend: tie dye, jewelry and more

blog group 2 8 DIY Projects to try this weekend: tie dye, jewelry and more!

1. Finger Knitting via Jader Bomb

2. Mod Melt Rose Necklace via Handmade Happy Hour

3. Candy Bracelet via Mark Montano

4. Origami Tie Dye via Trinkets in Bloom

5. Plus Size Tie-dye via Crafty Chica

6. Garden Dragonflies via Dollar Store Crafts

7. Patriotic Lanterns via Cathie and Steve for Plaid

8. Fabric + Mod Podge Cowboy Hat via Cathie Filian

4 Summer Fun Projects from Our Blog Friends

Blog Group Summer Fun

4 Summer Fun Projects from Our Blog Friends

Welcome to our new feature here at Handmade Happy Hour!  Each week we will have posts from our blog friends.  We never know what each other is creating so each week it is something new and different!

This week it is all about Summer FUN!

1. Ring Around the Rosie Bracelet by Jade from the Jaderbomb blog. We are loving the ocean blue beads and simplicity.  Makes me wanna run to the beach…

2. Pinch and Twist Technique by Margot Potter for I Love to Create.  This technique is so quick and easy!  I can see endless projects.

3. Zebra Yard Flamingos! from Dollar Store Crafts.  We are at the dollar store at least twice a week – getting the supplies for this on our next trip!

4. Outdoor Party Lanterns by Mark Montano.  Where is our umbrella drink to go with this party lantern?  Don’t you just want to sit and lounge under these pretty lanterns?  Have a peek at his new video!

Tye dying stripes and freezer paper stencils!

Dying stripes with washout glue and fabric dye is so easy.  To get good stripes use painters tape!  This simple technique of creating dyed stripes is so fun and addicting! The best part is that you will only need Elmers washable school glue, blue painters tape and Rit dye to create the stripes. Embellish with Folkart fabric paints, freezer paper stencils, rhinestones, ribbons or anything that strikes your fancy.

This was designed for Rit Dye.

Prewash and dry tote bag to remove any sizing or finishes that may interfere with the absorption of the dyes.

Lay dry bag on a flat surface. Place strips of masking tape diagonally across the bag, leaving ½” space between the strips.

Brush a medium layer of Elmer’s Clear School on the bag between the strips of tape.  When dyeing, this creates a resist that will result in a striped pattern. Let the glue dry for 5 hours.  Remove masking tape.

Wearing rubber gloves, mix one-half box of Fuchsia Rit Dye with 1 gallon very hot water.  Immerse wrapped bag in dye bath for about 10 minutes or until desired color is reached.

Remove bag from dye and rinse in cold water until water runs clear. Then wash bag in warm water with a mild detergent. Rinse and hang dry.

Draw or trace a horse carousel design on non-waxed side of freezer paper. Cut out inside of shape to make a stencil. Using a warm iron, iron waxed side of paper stencil to bag, as shown.
Brush black fabric paint inside the stencil. Let paint dry. Remove the freezer paper. Heat set the paint with a warm iron.

Glue rhinestone accents to carousel. Add ribbon to the handle and tie a black bow to handle of bag.

How To: Tie Dye Hearts from 101 Tees

I love hearts!  When I was a teenager, I would doodle them on my notebooks and paper-bag book covers with my Bic pen.  As an adult….I still doodle hearts but now I doodle them with embroidery stitches, sharpies and fabric dye.

When I was designing and writing 101 Tees, I knew I wanted to include a tie dye heart technique.  I first started dyeing hearts when I was in college…my first ones were pretty sad looking.  If it is your first time to dye a heart shape, you may want to test your folding on a scrap piece of knit or an old tee.

This tee was dyed with Rit – Royal Blue.  Love the color…soft and rich at the same time.

What you will need:
A prepared dye bath in a large bowl or bucket
A prewashed and damp light colored t-shirt – 100% cotton
Water-soluble marking pen
Rubber bands

1. Lay the tee flat and fold in half lengthwise, matching sleeve to sleeve.

2. Draw a half heart with the marking pen.

3. Accordion fold around the marked line.  You may need to curve the fabric as you fold.  Wrap the the fold on the marked line with 3 rubber-bands.  Dip into the dye bath.  Allow it to soak until you have reached your desired color.  Rinse the tee until the water runs clear. Hang dry.

ENJOY and Happy Dyeing!

Back To School Tie-Dyed Tote at Michaels!

Cathie and Steve for Rit Dye and Michaels

Love this tote? Wanna make it? It is as easy as 1,2,3!

Head over to your local Michaels Craft Store and pic up the compete instructions.

Look for the instructions in the fashion and Rit Dye aisle.

A few behind the scene pics of the making….