How to Stencil with Mod Podge Collage Clay

stenciling with mod podhe collage clay In this video we are showing you the 411 on Collage Clay by Mod Podge + we are stenciling with it!  The stencils create a soft velvet finish of clay.  So fun and so easy!

DIY POP art with Wood Letters, Zippers and Mod Podge

Love art zipper canvas mod podge

Make some LOVE wall art with 4 square canvas, some printable wood letters and zipper trim.  This is a great project for using us scrap papers.


What you need!

4 Square canvases
FolkArt ® Acrylic Colors – Bright Baby Pink, 2 oz.
Foam paintbrush
Scrapbook paper
Mod Podge ® Hard Coat, 8 oz.
Wood letters (LOVE)
FolkArt ® Acrylic Colors – Titanium White, 2 oz.
Hot Glue
Zipper trim


1. Paint the sides and edges of the canvases with Bright Baby Pink paint. Allow to dry.

2. Cut scrapbook paper to fit the tops of each canvas. Apply the paper to the canvas with Mod Podge. Do this by applying Mod Podge to the canvas with a foam paintbrush. Next, apply Mod Podge to the back of the paper. Position the paper onto the canvas. Smooth with a brayer or your fingers to remove any air bubbles. Wait 15 minutes and top-coat with a layer of Mod Podge.

3. Paint the letters with Titanium White paint. Use two coats if needed. Once dry, hot glue zipper trim around each letter. Hot glue each letter in the center of a canvas.

4. Hot glue the four canvases together. Use extra glue on in the back to secure. Glue zipper trim around the entire outside edge of the canvas block.




DIY Fall Acorn Art on Burlap Canvas with Mod Podge and Embroidery

burlap canvas fall wall art mod podge embroidery DIY Fall Acorn Art on Burlap Canvas with Mod Podge and Embroidery

We have been smitten with burlap canvases for a while.  I love the texture and rustic quality.  I really wanted to make some fall art with with mixed elements that wasn’t fussy or over done.  The acorns are cut from fabric and were applied with Mod Podge.  The stitching was done with yarn and it was super easy to stitch through the canvas.

burlap canvas fall wall art mod podge embroidery 3

burlap canvas fall wall art mod podge embroidery 1

What you will need

Burlap canvas, Fabric scraps, Scissors, Foam paintbrush, Mod Podge, Sharpie Marker, Yarn, Needle

sharpie embroidery

stitching on burlap

Using a sharpie (I like to use one that matches my yarn color), write the word FALL.  Using Yarn, embroidery the letters.

cut an acorn shape

Cut fabric scraps into an acorn shape.   Try using contrast fabrics for the top and bottom.

acorn art mod podge

Apply a thick coat of Mod Podge to the back of the acorn fabric.

mod podge fabric art

Position onto the burlap canvas.

Smooth the fabric with your fingers.

Top-coat the fabric with a thick layer of Mod Podge.

Allow to dry.

burlap canvas fall wall art mod podge embroidery 2

Using the same yarn, free form stitch through the canvas.

Make swirl patterns and running stitch patterns.

burlap canvas acorn art mod podge

Happy Fall!!


Cathie and Steve


DIY Glass Painted Wall Art for Halloween

Halloween Shadow Box Art

This Gallery Glass project was designed for Plaid.
Pop by my page at Plaid to see this project and tons more ideas!!!

What you will need:
Gallery Glass Window Color – Charcoal Black, 2 oz.
FolkArt Stains – Walnut, 2 oz.
Shadow box
Spider or skull template
Wood letters that spell “BOO” or “SPOOKY”
Sewing pin
Foam paintbrush
Paper towel
Solid color scrapbook paper
Tacky glue

1. Remove the glass from the frame and place it over the spider or skull template. Apply the Gallery Glass to the glass flowing the lines of the template, fill in the design. Pop any air bubbles with a pin. Allow to dry overnight.

2. Stain the wood letters using a foam paintbrush. Dab the stain to the letters, let it set for a few minutes and wipe away the excess with a paper towel. Repeat for a darker color if desired. Allow to dry 1 hour.

3. Trim the scrapbook paper to fit inside the shadow box. Using tack glue attach the letters to the scrapbook paper in the desired position.

4. Once everything is dry, reassemble the frame with the Gallery Glass design on the outside.

5. Once the Halloween is over, you can peel off the Gallery Glass and make a new design.