DIY Wicked Halloween Necklace with our new Jewelry Findings

wicked Mod Podge Necklace Halloween Walmart

We are super excited!  Beginning next week we will have a few new products in Walmart for making Jewelry!  This Wicked Halloween Necklace features our new pendant trays.  This is the Antique Gold finish.  The well is deep enough for filling with papers, gems and charms.  The whole piece is topped off with Dimensional Magic!

Wicked Necklace supplies

What You Need!

Mod Podge ® Podgeable Metal Pendant, Oxidized Brass
Halloween Papers
Small flat paintbrush
Mod Podge ® Gloss, 8 oz.
Mod Podge ® Dimensional Magic, 2 oz.
Beaded Chain
Jewelry Pliers
Handful of black
silver and Orange Beads
Head Pins
Wire Cutters


1. Begin with a rectangle Pendant Tray. Choose your background paper. Trim the paper to fit inside the pendant tray. Use layers of paper if desired.

Wicked Necklace Mod Podge in Well

Wicked Necklace Mod Podge the Paper

2. Apply a thin coat of Mod Podge to the pendant tray and to the back of the background paper. Position the background paper in the tray. Smooth with your fingers. Apply a top-coat of Mod Podge.

Wicked Necklace Glue Rhinestones

3. Using Mod Podge as a glue, attach gems to the design around the edge of the pendant well. Allow to dry for 2 hours.

Wicked Necklace Add Dimensional Magic

Wicked Necklace Allow Dimensional Magic to Dry

4. Fill in the pendant with Dimensional Magic. Begin around the outer edge and fill until the entire pendant is covered. Dry for 24 hours in an undisturbed and non-drafty place.

Wicked Necklace Bead Board

5. Create the necklace by first laying out all your beaded chain. Begin by attaching a clasp to the chain with jumprings.

6. Attach a jumpring to the bail on the pendant. Attach the pendant to the chain.

Wicked Necklace close UP Dangles

7. Make beaded dangles by threading beads onto long headpins. Leaving enough room for making a loop, trim the end of the headpin. Using pliers, bend back the clipped end to form a loop, attach the loop to the pendant jumpring. Make as many as you wish. For this design we made 5 dangles.

Tip: While the Dimensional Magic is drying don’t move the pendant around or you might get air bubbles. If you do get an air bubble, use a sewing pin to pop it.

Wicked Necklace 3

DIY Fabric Covered Sneakers with Mod Podge

how to cover shoes with fabric

Fabric Covered Sneakers with Mod Podge

Recently, Steve and I were shopping for summer blow-up pools at Walmart when my eye spotted this adorable fabric!  Ya know…I had to get a cut of this acid green floral fabric and I grabbed the plain shoes too. You really only need a few supplies to make a pair of custom sneakers and we promise it is easy!  For best results use cotton or cotton blend fabrics.  Fabrics with all over prints work well.

how to cover tennis shoes with fabric with mod podge.

You will need:
Plain sneakers
Fabric Mod Podge
Foam Paintbrush
Sequin trim

how to cover tennis shoes with fabric with mod podge.

Wrap the fabric around shoe to determine the size needed.  I like to do this on the bias so you get a little stretch and it helps with the fabric smoothing over the rounded sections.

how to cover shoes with fabric 3

Apply Fabric Mod Podge to the shoes.  For this design we just added fabric to the toe and heel area.

how to cover shoes with fabric 4

Place the fabric onto the shoe.  Smooth the fabric.

how to cover shoes with fabric 5

Run your finger nail along the edges of the shoe and toe area. Allow the Mod Podge to dry.

how to cover shoes with fabric 6

Trim away the excess fabric from the toe area.

how to cover tennis shoes with fabric with mod podge.

Trim a piece of fabric that is larger than the heel area.

how to cover tennis shoes with fabric with mod podge.

Apply the same way as above and trim away the excess.

how to cover tennis shoes with fabric with mod podge.

Use Fabric Mod Podge to attach sequin trim around the edges of the fabric.